Our Getaway to Sands Resort, Cornwall

As you know, I am a working Mama who works full-time.  I'm a Spanish Teacher, commuting an hour to and from work, 5 days a week.  Weekends are so so precious to me now.  I want to make the absolute most of the time I have with the boys and sometimes, when we are at home for the weekend, the time disappears behind a humongous pile of washing or other tasks which take my undivided attention away from my loves.  

That's why we've taken to going away some weekends, so we can remove the option of our weekend being swallowed up in house chores.

Last weekend, we went to the Sands Resort Hotel & Spa near Porth in Cornwall and it was blooming brilliant.  Not only was it lovely to unplug from our normal every day, but they welcomed children with open arms. (quite literally in some cases, as Winter was passed around cooing staff members).  I don't know about you, but sometimes the idea of a 'relaxing' holiday with children can  become quite stressful and anything but relaxing in reality, ESPECIALLY if the Hotel you are staying in would prefer a more corporate clientele to frazzled parents and their gremlins.

Let's start with the Family Suites...  We stayed in a Sea View Suite which consisted of two bedrooms (the second is through that corridor at the back), a family bathroom and a 'living area,' which consisted of a sofa, chair and table.  There were plenty of room for Winter to roam around.  It didn't feel cramped and the big double doors and windows opening out onto the spectacular sea view provided plenty of natural light for us to enjoy.  There were little additions that made me think that these suites had been designed with families in mind; there was a nappy bin in the bathroom, baby listening was available in the back bedroom and Winter's cot was set out with lovely children's linens which was a nice touch.

Enjoying a cuppa with 'that view' whilst the boys' were at the Pirate's Kids' Club.

Enjoying a cuppa with 'that view' whilst the boys' were at the Pirate's Kids' Club.

Once we settled into our room, we went for a roam around and ended up at the bar... (totally unintentionally of course)  It was quite quiet but that was actually great for us as we enjoyed some pre-dinner drinks.  Jonah particularly enjoyed his 'Dizzy Lizzie' mocktail!

At the Sands Resort, families can dine between 6.30 and 8.30 in the restaurant, which we found a really enjoyable experience.  I liked that we could dine in an environment where children were welcomed and accepted, as most other diners were either parents with children, or were aware that there would be children present during those hours.

Cheers!  Enjoying a pre dinner drink at the bar.

Cheers!  Enjoying a pre dinner drink at the bar.

We really enjoyed our dining experience.  The staff were friendly and welcoming and the Menu was varied enough to have something take your fancy.  Chris had Prawns and Pork Belly and I had a selection of bread, meats and cheeses and pate to start and an absolutely delicious Lemon and Peppercorn Chicken Burger with Fries.  Jonah yummed up his scampi, followed by spaghetti!

After dinner we retreated to our suite, full up and happy.  Jonah was quick to settle down in his room, whilst Winter decided to have an explore.  Unlike a lot of hotel rooms we have stayed in, there was the space for Winter to roam in a safe environment, whilst we enjoyed a nightcap on the sofa.


After an incredibly comfortable night in our queen sized bed, we headed down to breakfast.  Now for Chris, the breakfast can either make or break a hotel stay.  I'm not sure if it's a man thing, but when on holiday, Chris can take down the equivalent of Christmas dinner in meat and fried goods in the morning whereas in normal life doesn't ever eat breakfast.  The 'Hotel Breakfast' is a big deal... it has to be both good quality and large quantities.  For me, it's more about the quality side and I like some variation too.  I have to say, i was pleased that it ticked all the boxes on the Saturday morning, with a great selection of pastries, fruit and the good old English, but was quite lacking on the Sunday in the Continental area.  I'm not necessarily complaining as it gave me an excuse to stock up on sausages but I felt that if one was more inclined to have a cold selection, they may have been disappointed.


  • Microwaves in the buffet area to heat up your child's milk/food
  • Child-friendly yogurts on ice
  • Super friendly staff who were happy to chat to the children and even have a cuddle with Winter.

So, on with our day!  As you can see from the image above, we were spoiled for choice for things to do within the complex.  We went for a visit to the soft play, the park, the maze and the park again, all before elevenses!  (We don't really have elevenses normally, we're not Hobbits, but when on holiday... be a Hobbit I say)... Mummy even had a go on the Flying Fox!  The point is, for families with young children, sometime it's more effort that it's worth to get up and out when on holiday, and at Sands, there is so much on your doorstep that you wouldn't actually have to go out every day - quality family time is to be had right here.  if the weather wasn't so crummy, I would have hit the Croquet for sure!

Ahoy there shipmates!  Jonah enjoying the pirate ship at the park.

Ahoy there shipmates!  Jonah enjoying the pirate ship at the park.

After a very busy morning, Mummy and Daddy needed a rest and the Pirate Children's Club came at just the right time of the day!  Sands has an OFSTED approved children's club equipped with toys to play with and play room, reading and arts area, a ball pool and a dressing up area. Regular activities include story telling, jigsaws, maze, sand pit and bouncy castle. If it’s sunny the Pirates might spend time outside having fun in the outside play areas. 


After a refreshing break, we enjoyed some hot chocolate with some homemade bakewell tart...


... and then headed out to Rick Stein's Fistral restaurant for a bite to eat in the evening.  Winter particularly enjoyed the Pad Thai on offer!


Thanks so much Sands Resort Cornwall for having us, we had a wonderful time at your Family Friendly hotel.  If you are looking for a weekend getaway or a longer stay in Cornwall, this hotel is perfect for families with children as a place to stay and unwind with all the amenities you could possibly want!

*I have been sponsored by Sands Resort to write about our stay on my blog. All opinions are my own*.

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