*WIN* A month's supply of Babease Baby Plan (and a couple of extra goodies)

Winter Bear is in the midst of his weaning journey and as I did with Jonah, I find it quite daunting. I worry about whether he is getting a balanced enough diet with what he tries and whether what he is eating is pure and good and wholesome. When your little one is starting out on their food adventure, as a parent, you want to get it right! Babease has been a great part of meal times, with genuinely tasty ingredients that are full of flavour and goodness. With creative combinations such as Chickpea, Pumpkin, Tomato and Coconut Milk and Butternut Squash, Quinoa and Beetroot, Winter is exploring loads of new flavours and foods that give us the confidence to know that he is getting some serious nutrition from these pouches! This food is vegetable-led and not full of fruit fillers. Unlike other baby food, most pouches don't contain fruit and in the ones where they do mix fruit and vegetables, they contain under 30% fruit. I know it's important to give your baby fruit, but you also want to be able to introduce savoury flavours and know you're giving your little one food that's nutritionally balanced. Babease believe in a truly honest, transparent approach so the name of their products is simply the sequence of ingredients used, based on the proportion used in each recipe. For example our butternut squash, carrot & broccoli product is simply those vegetables, where the order of ingredients in the name reflects the amounts in which they appear in the recipe - it's not unnecessarily sweetened with hidden apple or pear, so no trawling through ingredients lists to check what you're actually getting! 

So, have I convinced you?!  Enter below and you could win a whole month's worth of Babease pouches and a couple of bibs like the one Winter is wearing!  Just follow the steps below.  Good luck!  Ends midnight on October 31st!

*I have been sponsored by Babease to promote this giveaway and write about them on my blog. All opinions are my own*.