Our Preschooler Christmas Gift Guide (age 3-4)

I really hope you liked our Baby and Toddler Gift Guide, here are 10 ideas for gifts and stocking fillers for slightly older children aged 3-4.  I'll throw this into the mix at this point too, that this is a unisex guide with all toys suitable for boys OR girls.  I know that Jonah will be delighted with each and every one of them on Christmas morning and hope you enjoy reading our list now!  As always, I would love to know your thoughts, please pop over to @mywinterandjonah on Instagram to let me know!


Jonah's Christmas Gift List


1.  Double Sided Wooden Easel from Early Learning Centre

I love doing crafty stuff with Jonah and this bright, fun easel from ELC is perfect for my little artist.  With one side a blackboard and the other a surface to pull paper down and get painting or drawing, it's perfect to keep Jonah busy.  I particularly like the places for the paint pots and a little shelf on the other side where Jonah likes to store his chalk.  As always, the quality is great.  This is a proper sturdy piece of kit made to last.

RRP: £60.00 available from  Early Learning Centre

RRP: £60.00 available from Early Learning Centre

2.  Painting and Drawing Accessories from Hobbycraft

And, as a follow on to the previous gift, I enjoyed picking out some art supplies from the huge range over at Hobbycraft.  We went for the Easel Accessory Pack, the Chunky Chalks, these Chubby Egg Crayons and a roll of paper for good measure!

Various prices.  Available from  Hobbycraft .

Various prices.  Available from Hobbycraft.


3.  Play Pouch from Playpouch

So I have a feeling that this is going to be a bit of a lifesaver at Christmas.  The Play Pouch is a great way to create an area where children can play and is also the perfect tidying solution.  This will definitely be used in our house to restrict all Lego play to one place rather than it being scattered all over the house.  I love the quality and design of these.  We are getting the Colonel Mustard one which I know will also make a great addition to the Nursery.

RRP: £35.99 Available from  Playpouch

RRP: £35.99 Available from Playpouch

4.  Thomas and Friends Trackmaster Sky-High Bridge Jump from Fisher Price

I am super excited about Jonah opening this... because I want to play with it too!  This Thomas and Friends Trackmaster Sky-High Bridge Jump is an absolute belter of a Christmas gift, I mean, look how happy this kid is with Thomas flying through the sky?!  Thomas basically hitches a ride with Harold (the helicopter for those who don't know)  and sets off down a pretty hairy looking roller coaster to be thrown through the air and back to safety.  All the family will love having a go with this on Christmas day!

RRP: £69.99 Available from  Smyths

RRP: £69.99 Available from Smyths

5.  Timber Truck from Jones and Parker Toys

Jones and Parker Toys are the real deal when it comes to solid, good quality classic toys.  I love this Timber Truck (Jonah is getting the mint and grey) because it reminds me of those 'classic' Christmas images with children playing with their toys on Christmas morning.  Pop over to the Jones and Parker Toys website... they really do have some super stuff!

RRP: £22 Available from  Jones and Parker Toys

RRP: £22 Available from Jones and Parker Toys

6.  Hello Mr Dodo from Scholastic

If you read our Baby and Toddler Christmas Gift Guide, you'll know that some of our most favourite things to give the boys are books.  Hello Mr Dodo caught my eye because of the bright colours and fun illustrations.  It's a sweet tale about a  girl called Martha and her friend the Dodo in a captivating picture book about friendship, doughnuts, birdspotting and secrets.

RRP:  £5.49  Available from  Amazon

RRP:  £5.49  Available from Amazon

7.  Personalised Crayons from Colour Me Happy Crayons

A perfect little stocking filler from the wonderful Colour Me Happy Crayons.  These crayons come in all shapes and sizes, including a selection spelling out your child's name AND these absolutely gorgeous Christmas trees (which I wish I had got now!)  We went for Jonah's name in crayons and a selection of colours in the shape of Lego figures.  Such a lovely little gift at a great price!

Prices vary.  Available from  Colour me Happy Crayons

Prices vary.  Available from Colour me Happy Crayons

8.  Wooden Rescue Centre from Early Learning Centre

Jonah is BIG into pretend play right now. I find him in his room playing with his toys and acting out adventures with them just like Andy in Toy Story.  He is a big fan of 'Nee Naws', so this Rescue Centre from Early Learning Centre gives little Jay Bug the perfect stage to act out his stories.  It includes 3 levels of play with room furniture, Fire Engine, Police Car and 4 figures. This rescue station has lots of room for imaginative play inside the rescue station and around it. I particularly like the Kitchen and Control Room.  Made of sturdy wood, this is another toy that is built to last.

RRP: £100 Available from  Early Learning Centre

RRP: £100 Available from Early Learning Centre

9.  Books from Panmacmillan

Topping up our Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler collection this year are these 3 beauties.  There have been some lovely anniversary editions released from Panmacmillan just in time for Christmas.  I'm looking forward to reading them just as much as Jonah will enjoy listening to them.

Prices vary.  Available from Amazon

10.  Moon and Stars 5 piece Bamboo Dinner Set from Love Mae

This Moon and Stars dinner set to  me is absolute perfection.  The quality and design from Love Mae is out of this world!  (pun pun pun)  But seriously, Jonah is a lucky boy to have this to enjoy... as does Winter with his Forest Feast set that he is getting.

Love Mae is distributed in the U.K. by    S-c Brands    and is available to buy in  Liberty London  

Love Mae is distributed in the U.K. by S-c Brands and is available to buy in Liberty London 

11.  Lionheart Wooden Castle from Le Toy Van

Isn't this great?!  I absolutely love this Lionheart Castle from Le Toy Van.  The detail with the drawbridge and the portcullis will fuel Jonah's imagination. Le Toy Van is a fabulous company with so many toys that children will love to play with and create their own adventures.  Jonah may be busy with this for quite some time... 

RRP: £95.00  Available from  Amazon

RRP: £95.00  Available from Amazon

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Stay tuned for our  Count Down to Christmas Guide coming later on this week!

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