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When you are the first in your family to have a baby, you're pretty screwed when it comes to hand-me-downs... and although I loved the idea of buying everything brand new, I quickly came down to reality with a thud.  Babies need stuff... ALOT of stuff... whether it be a cot or a stroller to smaller things like clothes and toys, it all adds up financially!  We got lots of gifts before Jonah was born, but everyone loves buying things for newborns, and by the time he was 6 months old, I started to realise there was a whole lot more that we needed; highchair, stair gates cot bed, car seat... these are all 'big money,' items and I was on maternity leave, with my meager salary dwindling with every dirty nappy I changed.  I needed to get myself some second hand stuff, I mean why wouldn't I? A stair gate that has been preloved is just as good as brand new, in fact there aren't many things I have realised, that need to be bought brand new... maybe you want to treat yourself to some new linens etc.  

Facebook had a bunch of selling pages local to me but I found a few things wrong with them:

1. There were too many, too similar; e.g (and by e.g I mean I made these up... I hope!) Somerset Baby Preloved, Somerset Preloved Baby Clothes and Toys, Preloved Baby Toys and Clothes, Somerset...

2. There was no search option so I had so spend ages scrolling through to see if what I wanted was even there. 

3.  They all have different rules?! I.e Must state  'Interested' if interested or 'when selling you must tell us breed, age, gender of pets and whether they have got their hair all over this baby sling...' ok maybe not quite that bad, but you get the gist... 

I really wish that Pitapat was around in 2013 because it is something that I sort of invented in my head as something I needed: one marketplace WITH search options, where parents can buy and sell their items safely, without wasting any more of our precious time than is necessary. It was created by two parents who went through the same mental process as me and I'm sure a lot of you have;  we have alot of baby stuff we don't need anymore (even although we only just bought it...) and there's a bunch of other stuff that we now need.  After finding the same frustrations with selling groups, they decided to go out and create their own.

Pitapat is designed to be efficient, stress free and enjoyable, allowing  users to browse well known brands at fantastic prices whilst also making money on their own preloved items.

Online safety and security is a priority for Pitapat, with its inbuilt messaging system which enables users to speak to one another directly in­app without sharing personal details like mobile numbers or revealing their exact locations. In the current cyber security focused climate, they ensure all of their users are 100% safe. 

Pitapat is available on Apple from the App Store and will be available on Android before Christmas.

I have been sponsored by Pitapat to try write about it on my blog. All opinions are my own.

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