Keep Calm! You're Having a Baby - The Questions

Two of my dearest friends are having their first babies in the next few months.  I am DELIGHTED because I was the first of my close friends to have embarked upon motherhood and finally, my party of one has just tripled!  

Mel and Bee have become some of my best friends after marrying two lovely chaps I spent a year in South America with, when we were young and carefree... My husband was also part of that group and that's where we met, although that's for another day.

Mel is from London and Bee lives in Leeds and they are due in December and January.  I could not be happier to see my dearest friends in their marriages grow into families and have little tiddlers for Jonah and Winter to play with in years to come when we holiday together and meet up throughout the year.

I have been 'reminiscing' (i.e being broody) about being pregnant for the first time and how daunting the whole experience was.  Don't get me wrong, it was very daunting the second time but at least I was going into childbirth and the world of motherhood with a bit of experience under my belt.  One thing that i wished I had had before giving birth to Jonah was someone to talk to about my imminent life-changing experience.  Not just the labour itself, but what it felt like to be a Mum - what changed and what stayed the same...

I came up with this idea to support Mel and Bee through you lovely Mamas and Papas... I have asked them to write down ten of their most burning questions each about becoming a Mum and I would LOVE you guys to answer them for them.  

I've listed the Q's below and have created a clickable form which I would really appreciate you filling out... even if it's just a few questions.  I'll post the collective answers here next week. Would love your input... lets show these Mamas-to-be some support!

Mel’s Questions:

1.      What are my choices with my birth planning?

2.     What happens after your waters break?

3.     What do contractions feel like?

4.     What happens straight after birth?

5.     When do you try your first breast feed?

6.     What pain relief is on offer?

7.     How do you know when to feed your baby?  Every time it cries?

8.     Do I have to set an alarm at night to feed or will I automatically wake up?

9.     What do you do with a new born baby?

10. When can I introduce a bottle to my baby?

Bee’s Questions:

1.      How long should you breastfeed for?

2.     Are there any benefits/tax credits I can get whilst on maternity leave?

3.     Any tips for sleep deprivation?

4.     When is best to accept offers of help with a new born?  Stright away or after a couple of weeks?

5.     Do you miss your bump?

6.     What can I do to help Dad feel involved?

7.     Did you find it really difficult to go back to work?

8.     Did you have the injection to help you deliver the placenta?

9.     Is labour scary?

10. How long did you stay in hospital for?

11. What can you do to prevent baby blues?

To fill in this form, please CLICK HERE to share your experiences with these expectant Mamas!


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