The same shot from a different angle

In another lifetime, I had a blog.  It was a blog about a mama who liked to sew, make and create fantastic and wonderful things to do with her gorgeous little munchkin and to give other parents a little inspiration too.  Then baby number two came along and I had my hands full!  Crafty Mama and I came to an amicable end as I embraced motherhood for the second time and jumped into the tempestuous waters of multiple children. I.LOVE.IT just to make that clear, I would NOT go back to having one or even further back to the blissful serenity of childless living... With new challenges come new rewards and I definitely feel that.  Jonah is now 3 and Winter is coming up to 9 months.  The bond that is developing between them is such a joy to witness.  Ok, so sometimes it's a joy, and sometimes I'm tearing my hair out as Winter gets smacked on the head by a flying Thomas the Tank Engine but you know... Ups and downs!  I guess what I didn't realise when I was expecting baby number two was that it wasn't only going to be a learning curve for me as a second time Mum and Chris as a Dad, but for Jonah to embrace the role of brother was something new entirely too.  So we are now a family of four and I would love to share our adventures with you guys if you'll have us!