Siblinghood Love

There is a wonderful feed on Instagram called Siblinghood Love, with the caption ‘sharing sweet moments of little ones with their siblings.’  I love that feed… but I really struggle to capture Winter and Jonah in any sort of moment that qualifies.  So I’m stepping out onto the ledge here by saying this… because I have posted some ‘sweet’ pictures of Jonah and Winter together and yes, there are some tender moments… but they are few and far between and incredibly short lived.  A second after I capture the moment, someone is in tears. 

I started thinking about this post when my mum sent me a video yesterday of Jonah meeting Winter for the first time and Jonah, instead of rejoicing the birth of his sibling, covered his head with the blanket and requested he returned to the hospital.  Jonah is a very loving and kind boy and does have affection for Winter but has the unfortunate tendency to ‘love him too hard.’

 When I found out I was pregnant for the second time, the relationship between the boys was never really something I thought would be an issue.  It’s not a problem really, just logistically they can’t be left alone in the same room together for fear that some harm might come to Winter through flying objects or stray limbs. 

I remember when Winter was about a week old and Chris and I were in the kitchen making dinner together.  Jonah was watching Paw Patrol and Winter was sleeping happily in his little snoozy pod when we heard crying… from.both.of.them.  We rushed through to the living room to find Jonah crying on the sofa and two little legs sticking vertically up in the air, attached to a little boy jammed down between the chair and the sofa!  I’m sure Jonah just wanted a cuddle, but this was my wake up call to be more vigilant.

It’s important to add here that we don’t actually allow any harm to come to Winter.  He usually sounds the alarm anyway now if Jonah gets too near with that look in his eye and even on a couple of occasions has fought back! And really it is minor things; taking his dummy out of his mouth and throwing it across the room, pulling him legs first off the sofa, elbow dropping him (which I blame my husband for who thinks he will have Jonah in the WWE one day).  I guess I’m just highlighting that it’s not what I expected and would like to know when this relationship will become more comfortable.

Winter adores Jonah still.  His face lights up whenever he enters his line of vision and Jonah can make him laugh a laugh of pure joy that no one else seems to be able to evoke (and boy have we tried!)  If Winter is asleep, Jonah pines for him and when we are out in public, Jonah needs to be pushing him or helping to carry the car seat because he is ‘MINE’ brother.

I know that it is just a phase…  I know that as they grow, so will their bond and these brothers will love each other fiercely throughout their lives.  But for now, a lot of their relationship is damage control!