My Busy Life and Same Day Delivery with Tesco

Working full-time and being a parent is tough.  What I mean by this is that it is difficult to keep on top of things at home around this big obstacle of having a 9-5 in addition to running a household.  The endless cycle of laundry, school pick-ups and drop offs, not to mention the homework that has started trickling in to Jonah's schoolbag.  All this on top of actually trying to spend some quality time with the boys in those precious few hours between me coming home and bedtime. One thing that has eased that time pressure recently is discovering that Tesco have now introduced a same day delivery service which means that I can order groceries during my coffee break, to arrive just in time for dinner!  This means I can spend that extra hour at home cuddling on the sofa and watching some Paw Patrol.

I thought it would be fun to share with you my typical week day, and in that, just how much Tesco helped me out with their same day delivery service!

Good morning!

The alarm goes off at 7, which Jonah always hears from his room and he then creeps into our bed.  We hit snooze for a little while and enjoy the snuggle before our day really begins.  It’s Halloween today and it takes all my efforts to get myself ready and Jonah into his school uniform instead of his Spiderman costume, which he will be wearing to the school disco later on.  Chris my husband is on ‘Winter duty.'  Winter is our one year old son who is currently sticking his hand down the toilet with my toothbrush in his other hand.  I quickly save it from the inevitable, give each of my boys a kiss, and head out the door.

My Daily Commute

I’m in the car by 7.30, ready for my 40 minute commute to work.  I’m a full-time Spanish Teacher and finding the time to fit everything in can sometimes be a challenge.   My husband is at home with the boys, doing the school runs, household chores and caring for Winter during the day.  I’m not sure who has the more demanding job – I think we come out equal!  It’s absolutely freezing in the car this morning.  I love the change in seasons, but not so keen when I have to be getting on with things.  I’d much rather be cuddled up by the fire.

The School Day

I get to school after 8, check emails, get my classroom in order and get ready for the day.  My classes in the morning go by with little drama which is always a good sign!  When break time comes round, I give Chris a quick call to see how he’s getting on.  Jonah is happily at school and Winter is having his morning nap.  He has just started on the dishes when we realise that between us we haven’t sorted dinner.  We only have one car and Chris taking Winter to the supermarket during the day can be a pain, and he has to chaperone the disco after school…

Tesco have recently expanded their Same Day Delivery service which means that if you put in a food order before 1pm, you can choose a time that evening for your groceries to be delivered.  This means that instead of rushing to the shops after work, I can get home to the boys, enjoy our Halloween treasure hunt that I’m planning rather than Trick or Treating and Tesco is instead brought to me!

After lesson 3, I’m on it.  I finish my order at 12.02 and am expecting the delivery between 6 and 7 pm.  Amazing!  That means there will be enough time for Jonah to get to and from his disco, Winter and I can have some play time and then I can whip up a Ragu without the rush.  I also treated me and Daddy to a bottle of Rioja for when the kids go to bed.

Delivery Time and Bon Apetit!

Home now, and Jonah had an absolute ball at the Halloween Disco at school. His best friend dressed up like Batman, so him and Spiderman flew around the room as a superhero duo for a few hours.  It’s 6.30 and the doorbell rings.  I was going to take a pic with the driver, but I thought he may think I was a bit strange… so you’ll just have to take my word for it!  With Jonah flagging and Winter getting grouchy, I got all the ingredients together to make the perfect mid-week meal.  We were sitting down by 7.15 to enjoy our special family time at the end of the day

I cannot tell you how great this is.  I’m not super organised, as much as I would like to be.  Parenthood with a career can be unpredictable, chaotic and ever changeable.  Having the option to get our weekly shop delivered in almost the same time as it would be for me to finish work and pop to the shops myself is a stroke of genius.  Thank you Tesco for giving me the chance to enjoy Halloween evening with my boys in a more relaxing manner than me rushing in, probably in a bad mood and getting something together for tea.  Now that I know that same day delivery is an option, I know that I don’t actually need to be organised to get everything right during our busy working week.


To find out more about Tesco’s Same Day Delivery service, click here.

I have worked in collaboration with Tesco on this paid post to promote this service.  As always, all opinions are my own.