Christmas Inspiration with Tesco #carouseltoys


We have been getting into the Christmas spirit this week as we enjoyed a morning of unwrapping and playing with some of the new interactive toys from Tesco. The Carousel range is exclusive to Tesco and is designed to spark your child’s imagination to play creatively. 


Christmas is approaching fast.  It’s important to know that as a parent buying gifts for your little one that you are buying something that will be played with time and time again and not just discarded quickly.  I don’t know about you, but for me the price of toys is almost as important as the quality of item.  I want something that I know is built to last but also doesn’t cost the earth.  As you’ll see as we go through these items, Tesco have priced these fairly overall in my opinion.

Ok, let’s take a look first at the boys unwrapping their gifts and enjoying them before I go through them individually.

What Jonah loved about this instantly was all the extras that you get with this.  Not only is this a fully functioning police truck but the Breakout Police Set opens out into a more interactive play set.  Easy to unpack and fold away, this multi -functional toy transforms from truck to Police Station complete with heli-pad, moving lift, jail cell and ramp with ‘escape’ sound effects. It comes with a mini helicopter 3 mini cars which slide down the ramp much to the delight of Winter.  Jonah hasn’t tired of this yet and I think at £35 it’s worth it. Click to be taken directly to The Police Breakout Set.


Made of solid wood, this Christmas classic feels good, looks good and is guaranteed to be a hit with your little one.  Winter squealed when he saw it and knew just what to do as he clambered on a Jonah pushed him around the living room.  The seat is removable so there is a nice amount of space to store their treasures (or the remote) in addition to the 3 blocks that insert through the shape holes on the side.  It was easy to build – it took me about 20 minutes following the instructions and using the Allen Key provided.  Again, great value for money at £35.00 when you consider the quality of the product.  If I were to change one thing, it would be that wheels could move freely, as these are set to travel in a straight line which can be limiting.  Winter still loved it though, so what do I know?? Click the link to be taken directly to the Ride Along Tiger.


These two toys were the boys’ favourite and I can’t recommend them highly enough.  The boys have enjoyed playing with them so much that I bought some more for our nieces for Christmas.  These remote controlled cars are big, colourful and chunky with flashing lights, but they also have a radio feature which enables you to speak into the control and your voice comes out of the vehicle.  Jonah and Daddy enjoy whizzing it around the house, hiding it and then speaking into the intercom so the other can track it down.  Brilliant toys to play with as a family on Christmas day. Click here for the Police Car and here for the Ambulance.


Again, this was another hit with both boys.  The lights and the sounds are always sure to be a winner but this also has rotating propellers AND a rescue basket that you can hoist up with the press of a button.  Again as with the other toys, I really like how big, chunky and robust this is.  Perfect for little hands to grasp and excited boys to chuck around without the fear that it will break.  Included is a miniature version of the big helicopter and basket.  For £14 you get a lot for your money.  To be taken directly to the Rapid Rescue Helicopter click here.

Although we have only review a sample of the wide range of Carousel toys, I’ve had a look at other items for our tribe of nieces for Christmas.  Again I was impressed by the price and quality.  I know that the boys love these and haven’t tired of playing with them which is always a great review in itself.  To see the full range of Carousel toys click here.


This review post is part of a paid collaboration with Tesco.  As always all opinions are my own.