Our Bedroom Transformation with Pixers

You may have seen on my Instagram feed a couple of weeks ago that we gave our bedroom a little makeover.  I don't know about you, but sometimes a change to your everyday surroundings can be real mood booster!  

The shots below show our bedroom transformation, and they still make me so happy to see the difference a couple of changes can make!  We have used PIXERS PIXERstick on both our feature wall and our bedside tables.  Essentially they are giant stickers made of a vinyl material that arrive in rolls like wallpaper and are ready to go once you peel off the backing paper.

'Durable and matte, reusable and self-adhesive material – easy to install in just a few seconds. PIXERStick sticks to any flat surface. It is resistant to tearing and creasing. You can peel it off easily and move it to another location or store it on the protective paper to use it anytime. Does not leave any traces after peeling off the wall; maintains its adherence for many years. It’s the perfect choice for people who either frequently redecorate their home, live in a rented apartment or who are looking for seasonal decorations.'

PIXERS have got such a variety of prints to suit all tastes, design requirements and spaces and one thing that impressed me through this experience was just how helpful they were at ensuring we chose the right design for us.  There is a feature on their website that allows you to import your space in photo form and play around with different designs.  These were some of our potential options below.  In the end, it was a toss up between number 3 and number 4 and we decided that the tree was too striking to ignore!  Which is your favourite?

So how easy are these PIXERstick panels to apply?  Here's our time lapse video where you'll see how we got on with ours.  All in all, it took about half an hour and Chris and I didn't even argue once!  That never happens when we do DIY!  You will also see that when we get to the right hand side, I mess it up a bit by crumpling it up in the corner, but you'll also see Chris fixing my mistake because the material is very forgiving, flexible and durable.  We found it really easy and stress-free and quite an enjoyable experience!


You'll also notice that our bedside tables have had a bit of a revamp with the same PIXERstick material in a different but complimentary design to the tree print.  Again, this was incredibly easy to do.  Chris measured the drawer fronts, cut them to size (the table tops arrived pre-measured) and stuck them down.  Literally a 5 minute job, and look how lovely they are!  


I would absolutely use PIXERS and their PIXERstick range again and we already planning our next project.  The possibility are endless as to what surfaces you may want to give an upgrade... I'm thinking about a work space for me next and making Jonah's second-hand wardrobe a more eye catching piece.  Which design will you choose?  Visit their site here and get creating!


This post has been written in collaboration with PIXERS.  All opinions are very much my own.