You've Got a Friend In Me - Happy 30th Anniversary Disney Store!

The Disney Store used to be the highlight of my summer holiday.  I'm from Inverness, waaaaaay up in the North of Scotland and when we were young, you had to travel to get to any big exciting stores.  For me, the Disney Store was IT and every summer when we visited Aberdeen, it was my treat to visit and choose one item.  The experience was magical and it still holds that sort of excitement for me now, as a Mama.

The Disney Store is celebrating their 30th Anniversary this year and they have asked us to get on board and enjoy their products in celebration.  

Jonah has loved Toy Story for a few years now and Winter has started to giggle at bits like when Mr Potato Head  gets stuffed with Play Doh.  When I asked Jonah who his top 5 favourite Disney characters were he said the following:

  • Daddy (he doesn't count)
  • Buzz Lightyear
  • Bullseye and Woody and Jessie (OK he's cheating a bit there)
  • Wreck-it Ralph
  • Winnie the Pooh

When Bullseye arrived in the post, he squealed with delight.  He already had the rest of the Toy Story Gang and he couldn't wait to get his Buzz Lightyear costume on and have a play!

Winter was given this scrummy Woody sleep suit for his birthday, and how could I resist dressing him up to join in with the fun?

We were challenged by the Disney Store to recreate a favourite scene from a Disney film and although this isn't *quite* accurate, I do think Jonah is just like Andy, making these toys come to life with his wonderful imagination.

Thanks so much #DisneyStoreUK for inviting us to take part in your #disneystore30 challenge - I had so much fun photographing the boys and their toys... I'll cherish these memories for years to come, and the boys will love these toys for even longer!

We were gifted our Bullseye soft toy in exchange for our participation in this campaign.  All opinions are my own.