Creating our HD Photo Book with Lifecake

Do you remember that feeling of excitement and anticipation when going to the counter at Boots or another photo printing shop to pick up your 12, 24 or even 36 photos?  Every one of them were precious as they captured a moment that you hadn't relived until seeing the photos for the first time.  Now that the digital age is well and truly here and we can take 100 shots of the same thing, uploading them ALL into I Cloud or Dropbox, I have to say, I am pretty rubbish at printing off photos.  They sit in their thousands somewhere out there in the web and on an external hard drive and I don't think much about them, which is a shame because I'm not enjoying them as I used to when flicking through my photo albums.  

Lifecake is a new platform to store the photos of your children in chronological order.  You can upload photos of their everyday,  add comments and share with loved ones.

What is more, you can transform your collection of photos into gifts and physical pieces such as phone cases, prints and HD Books.  When I was approached by Lifecake, I jumped at the chance to create a book because I wanted the opportunity to turn these masses of photos I take of the boys and turn it into something that we can treasure.

Take a look at our video to see how we got on.  I decided to create an HD Photo Book of Winter's First Year.  It was tough to narrow it down to less than 100 photos but I finally managed to select my favourites.  The editing tools are simple and easy to use, with a choice of a black or white background and a variety of collage options.  You can add text with a few of the templates too to add captions of highlight dates with extra pieces of information. Although the standard book comes with 24 pages, you can add as many additional pages as you want.  Mine ended up being 34 pages, which is actually less than I expected!


To create your own HD Photo Book or try Lifecake as a photo storage hub, visit their website here.

I have worked in collaboration with Lifecake to create this post.  All opinions are my own.