The Flavour Generator with HelloFresh

HelloFresh Family

We have been a HelloFresh family for a while now. We love cooking but due to our busy schedules, don't always have the inspo or time to come up with something creative and new. Hello Fresh have been a great source of introducing new and delicious ingredients and flavours into our family meal planning. Lucky for us, Hello Fresh have now introduced something fabulous called the 'Flavour Generator'.  By filling in the blanks to the following two statements; ‘I like…’ and ‘And today I fancy something…’ the Flavour Generator cranks the lever and produces some incredible dinner options depending on what you’re in the mood for.

Our Challenge

We took on the challenge to choose one of the suggested recipes and create it this week.  I decided I was in the mood for Italian (and since I was cooking, I was in charge) and I fancied something sweet and out came this beauty if a meal suggestion:  Baked Risotto with Brazil Nut Pesto.

Dinner is Solved

It's all in the ingredients

When you decide on your recipe, the ingredients come up indifferent quantity options depending on how many people you are catering for.  I really liked that you could easily switch from 2 to 4 and the ingredients altered accordingly.  They also appear in a really user friendly format to jot down your shopping list (see below).

Ingredients lists
chopping board instagram friendly

Easy as 1-2-3

The step by step instructions were clear and easy to follow.  It said it would take 45 minutes to make at it was bang on.  Everything in this recipe like all recipes from Hello Fresh is fresh and healthy which makes feel good when I’m serving it up to my boys.  It turned out really well and tasted delicious.  We will definitely be trying this one again, as well as hitting the generator when we need to shake things up!  Try it for yourself here.

What are you going to make this week?  Tag #flavourgenerator on social media!