The Beachside Grill at Saunton Sands


It's no secret that we love Saunton Sands.  We are there most weeks in the evening after school and at weekends if it;s not raining.  Pretty much all of those shots that we have of the boys on the beach were taken here and so many memories created on this vast and beautiful piece of shoreline.  The Beachside Grill is our most favourite local restaurant to where we are.  We moved to North Devon just over a year ago and are still not so familiar with the surrounding area, but we have discovered this little gem, right on the beach.  If you don't live locally, it's part of the gorgeous Saunton Sands Hotel so why not pop down for a weekend?  You'll LOVE it!


As far as I'm concerned, this place ticks all the boxes for me; simple food done well.  By simple food, I mean food that I want to eat after being on the beach: great burgers and steak, seafood, pastas and salads.  All items on the menu have some sort of a twist which makes you go 'ooh,' like the Cajun Chicken Burger with Pepper Cheese and Chorizo Mayo.  To see the full menu, please click here.


We'll get to what we chose in a moment, but it would be a real shame to miss out one of the most important parts of a meal for me: the aperitif!   We arrived about 7pm just as the sun was setting and a perfect time/excuse to order a G&T (Chris was told he was driving home!).  I am a real fusspot when it comes to my gin but when our waiter said ' I assume Bombay Sapphire is OK?' I knew I was on to a winner.  It arrived a few minutes later with lemon AND lime jumbled up with ice and my goodness it was marvelous.  I have actually subsequent to this glorious drink done the same when making G&T at home - lemon and lime together is an absolute treat!


The atmosphere was just right; full, but not overwhelmingly busy or noisy and the waiting staff didn't appear rushed off their feet.  They were super helpful and attentive, bringing the boys crayons and colouring and their meal out with our starters.

Jonah had Fish & Chips and Winter enjoyed Mac & Cheese.  Both were delicious, fresh and definately not a last mintue thought.  I sometimes feel that at some restaurants the quality of children's dishes aren't as good as the main menu, but Jonah fish was beautiful and generously sized which was great for my little hungry caterpillar.


Ok, so what did we choose from the menu and what did we think?

My choices were:

  • Baked Camembert with honey glazed figs and croutons
  • B.S.G Burger with Maple cheddar, smoked streaky bacon, brioche

Chris chose:

  • 1lb Moules Mariniere with white wine, garlic, shallot, cream, crusty bread
  • Grilled Whole Sea Bass with garlic and lemon butter

The baked camembert was such a treat because we don't often have cheese at home.  With figs were a stroke of genius because combining that sweetnes with with the flavour of the cheese was delicious.  Chris makes fun of me because I often choose the burger but in my opinions 1: he can get lost and 2: it's not that easay to get a burger just right... this one was delicious (photo below).  I think I've mentioned before about how fussy Chris is with his mussels and that I think he sends them back more often than he actually enjoys them because for him unless they are cooked to perfect, they are not worth eating.  At the Beachside Grill, he wanted more they were so good - they definitely passed the test!


We were so impressed with everything, genuinely.  The staff were lovely, the atmosphere was buzzing and the view is the best there is.  On top of all those factors, the food  (and gin!) was of a standard that we really couldn't fault and is reasonably priced.  If you eat too much, you can always go for a walk on one of the most beautiful beaches that the South West has to offer afterwards to make this a truly memorable experience.  We have already been back since and it won't be our last time!


We were invited to The Beachside Grill for a complimentary meal in exchange for an honest review.  All opinions are our own.