Why I am delighted to be an Ambassador with Johnson’s baby UK

I am thrilled to announce that for the next 12 months I will be working with Johnson’s baby UK as part of a tremendously fine ambassador team. In brief, our job and mission is to learn everything there is to know about Johnson’s the company and the products they very proudly produce  (or at least, as a parent, the relevant products to me). Once full to the brim with knowledge we will share our experience with friends and followers on social media. 


Not only have the Johnson’s team been a delight to meet and spend time with, but they have also been open and honest and keen for us to explore anything and everything we would like and need to know about their company. 

I suspect that most people who are reading this will be completely familiar with at least 1 product from the Johnson’s baby range. No more tears, bedtime bath, baby oil, baby lotion (the pink one) are just a few of the products that I myself currently have in my own bathroom. We all grew up with it, our parents and grandparents used it, and I suspect many of us are now bathing and caring for our own children’s skin with it. Certainly for me its one of those ubiquitous brands/products that I never gave much thought to - despite it being a regular feature, in one form or another, for each and every one of my 36 years.


Perhaps this status of being a background constant speaks volumes about its effectiveness and how subconsciously fond and reliant upon it many of us have become. Its only in the last few months that I’ve begun to consider my own relationship with the brand and how it has imprinted upon me over the years. What stands out the most for me are some of my own memories I have that are in one way or another associated with Johnson’s. 

For example, the evocative smell of the baby bath or the pink colour of the baby lotion. Both of these things allow me to access fond memories of my childhood; Certainly from my perspective at least, I cant necessarily say the same for my parents! I mention this as one early memory in particular is of me squeezing a bottle of Johnson’s baby lotion all over the white landing carpet, needless to say I was not awarded a commendation for my artistic endeavour. 


My point being, this is a company and range of products that can mean all sorts of things to so many people and are intrinsically associated with our own childhood experiences. As many of us move through adulthood with children of our own, we are now responsible for helping to construct the experiences and memories of our own offspring. I hope that that my own children are filled with fond memories of which Johnson’s can play in own, all be it, small part.

For myself the idea of working with Johnson’s has become increasingly more appealing as Ive considered my own relationship with their products. As I just mentioned, I have brought what was a subconscious awareness to the fore of my mind and have come to realise Johnson’s products are something I am familiar with, enjoy and probably most importantly am keen to use with my own children. This last point might possibly be the most compelling of all; if after a whole year of working with and learning all about Johnson’s products, I am still using them on my own little rascals, then what better recommendation can there be! At present, I am confident this will be the case. I do however, look forward to finding out.

I am working in collaboration with Johnson’s Baby UK as an ambassador, all opinions are my own.