Zog has arrived at Fatface and on our screens this Christmas! #ad

We have been part of the Fatface family for a while now. In fact I have been part of the family since I was 16 and worked weekends at the Fatface store in Inverness. Although I am slightly biased, I have always been impressed with the quality of clothes. As I write this in fact I am wearing an old Fatface jumper from 5 years ago. Fatface clothes last…

Fatface Kids

I’m not the only one who enjoys Fatface in the Howden household; it’s a whole family affair. Fatface Kids clothe children from the age of 2-13 and the boys have enjoyed several outfits over the past few years. I particularly love their onesies, they are so fluffy. Jonah had a Walrus one that he has not grown out of and Winter wears for dress up… SO when Fatface got in touch about their new collaboration with Zog, I was super excited and so were the boys!

Fatface and Zog

On Christmas Day, the much anticipated adaptation of Zog will be on the tellybox in houses all over this land and to celebrate, Fatface have released a range of Zog themed merchandise. I’ve chosen some of my favourite pieces to showcase for you here!

The Zog Plush Toy

We have far too many plush toys in our house but I can never get enough of them. This is currently Winter’s favourite and I love him too! He has been flying around our house all week roaring at Daddy and the baby… but he’s friendly really.

Zog Fleece Onesie

Ok, this is hand down my favourite item from the collection. I love how soft it is, and the detail of the wings, the horn, everything about it is snuggly and inviting. The boys struggle to get out of it once it’s on, and wear it to bed most nights!


… and the rest!

Also available from Fatface Kids are Zog pjs, hat, glove and scarves (LOVE the scarves too with little hand pockets that are claws), long sleeved tops and of course the book. To see the whole collection and stock up for your little dragons, click here.

This is a paid advertorial in collaboration with Fatface. All opinions are my own.