Taming the curls with Johnson's. #ad

This is a paid advertorial in collaboration with Johnson’s baby UK. All opinions are my own.


This is a tale of bittersweet concerning our middle child Winter, well more specifically his wonderful golden main of hair. I say bitter sweet as on one hand his hair is as fantastic a its possible for a human to grow – imagine if you will the potential love child of 90s funhouse hero Pat Sharp and 70s footballing genius Kevin Kegan. If it is indeed possible to imagine the resulting spawn of such a union, you should have in mind a human with hair that is as terrifically marvellous as that of Winter. On the other hand, maintaining such veraciously curly hair does require an awful lot of work and inevitably many tears during both the washing and post bath brushing. 


I thought this would be an appropriate time to inject a few facts and general information regarding all thing’s hair. We recently met up with our friends at Johnson’s for what can only be described as a stellar day of hair related trivia and activities. Just as a side point here, one of the activities was a hair styling contest judge by an industry leading practitioner, and guess who won the male hair styling category, that’s right, yours truly! Anyway, I promised you facts and information so without. Further ado, here you go. Did you know, Hair starts forming in 8-week-old foetus and by 18 weeks, scalp hair pattern is set. After birth, density of hair follicles on the scalp progressively decreases, while thickness of individual hairs increases. As we get older our hair goes through three main stages, these stages determine how thick and how long our hair will grow. Stage 1 is between 0 to 12 months where the hair is particularly fine and cannot grow very long at all. Stage two is between 1 to 12 years and it can grow 2 to 3 times thicker than babies’ hair and 4 times as long. Stage 3 is from puberty upwards, at this point the hair will grow 5 times thicker and 7 times longer than that of a baby. Also, females are apparently able to grow their hair longer than males, although I know many an 80s rock legend that can contest this particular fact. The reason I have shared this information here is to highlight just how varied hair can be, and therefore just how important it should be to get the right hair care products for both ourselves and our little ones. 



As a result of Winter’s misery and understandable aversion to anything related to haircare, we have sought the help of Johnson’s to end our bath time woes. They were able to supply us with their 3-step haircare range of products. This includes their No more tangles kids’ shampoo, no more tangles kids’ conditioner and their No more tangles conditioning spray. Now it would be amiss of me to claim that Winter now jumps for joy at the thought of having his hair washed and conditioned, as that is simply not the case – he’s still a two-year-old boy let’s not forget. However, if I were to pluck a percentage figure from the air to describe how much better things are now, I would go for 86% better. This dramatic improvement is observed in two ways. First, the no more tangles kids’ shampoo, and conditioner are specially formulated to protect children’s eyes during washing, therefore if any stray bubbles do get in his little eyes its not gong to hurt or irritate him. And second, the three-step process is so effective and removing knots and conditioning his hair that the post bath brushing is almost effortless and amazingly, tantrum free. The no more tangles kids conditioning spray is the real hero in this scenario, spraying it on while brushing allows the brush to glide through his hair removing all knots without the cruel pulling and tugging that is in my opinion tantamount to child abuse. 


Like I’ve just stated, our bath times are still not without the occasional tear – although the tears are normally from Karen when I try and jump in her bath. Johnson’s aren’t miracle workers, but I can tell you that they genuinely care deeply about understanding the science behind our hair and producing the best possible products for use on our children. Whether it be their normal shampoo that is a kind to eyes as water or the fantastic tangle free range what Johnson’s are doing does make a tangible difference to the lives of parents. Our experience with our children and especially with Winter is testament to this.