Netflix and *Chill* (in this freezing weather) with our Top Picks this March

The Howdens' Top Netflix Picks for March! #netflixstreamteam

It’s March, hooray!  We've been couped up indoors over the last few days and it looks like we'll be here for a little longer as the snow thaws and temperature rises.  When all our routines seem to have been thrown out the window, we've taken the perfect opportunity to stock up on some Netflix goodies for all the family and spent some quality time on the sofa keeping warm.

We've also been getting creative in the kitchen this month with lots of Netflix ingredients to make the perfect pancakes to enjoy whilst watching our favourite films and tv.  Here's our top picks for this month, enjoy!  What are you watching?

Chris’ choices for march:

Season 4 Black Mirror

Chris is all about Charlie Brooker's dark, macabre world of thought provoking dramas and this season, Netflix have picked it up.  We have already watched episode one which stars our favourite Friday Night Lights star Jesse Plemans aka Landry as The Captain of the USS Callister who is more than what he seems.  We have 5 more individual episodes to watch, if Chris doesn't watch them without me!

Always Sunny in Philadelphia

When it comes to Netflix, this is Chris' bread and butter.  If he lacks inspiration, this is always a guaranteed hit!  With 12 seasons with at least 10 episode a pop, there's plenty to keep you going.  This toe curling, verging on or just down right inappropriate comedy follows the 'The Gang' on their exploits from their pub 'Paddy's Pub,' in Philadelphia, which generally sinks to a level of depravity that's laugh out loud funny.  Do not watch with your parents... or your kids for that matter.

Karen’s Choices for march:

The Crown

The Crown ticks all the boxes for me; historical drama, Matt Smith, an ongoing potential for new seasons AND confirmation that Olivia Coleman will be entering as The Queen in the next phase of her journey (I love her).    That being said, Claire Foy who is currently playing Liz is ah-may-zing.  She has the accent down to a tee and is so engaging to watch.  Season 1 is down and I'm on to Season 2... the perfect thing to watch whilst doing the washing up.


Now I have no experience of Riverdale other than word of mouth saying that it's pretty great.  I'm guessing it is going to appeal to my Dawsons Creek/Buffy The Vampire Slayer/The OC side.  From the pictures I've seen, I'm getting the impression that although it's a teen thing like 90210 etc, it also has some sort of dark side too.  I'm looking forward to getting stuck in!

Jonah’s Choices for March:

The Real Ghostbusters

Not quite at the age for the Ghostbuster films (number 2 also available on Netflix) The Real Ghostbusters is a great compirmise.  Jonah loves getting scared by watching programmes such as Scooby Doo and Bat Pat (also on Netflix) and Chris and I love indulging in the childhood favourite.  with a whopping 100 episodes too, this  will keep Jonah entertained long after the snow thaws!

Puss in Book: Trapped in an Epic Tale

I've been so impressed with Puss in Book - Trapped in an Epic Tale and Jonah loves it too!  I've never seen this done before so not sure if it's new, but this film is interactive so the viewer chooses how the narrative unfolds.  At the end of each chapter the screen pauses on an open book with two alternate outcomes to come next in the story.  On the ipad, you just tap and on the tv, use your remote to guide to the narrative of your choice.  Jonah in engrossed every time!

Winter’s Choices for March:

Trolls: The Beat goes on

Winter loved boogying to Trolls: The Movie and  Trolls Holiday (also on Netflix) and so it was a no brainer that Trolls: The Beat Goes On was going to make him smile too.  Although not the complete original cast, this fun and brightly coloured series is easy to watch and enjoyable for all the family.

Veggie Tales in the City

I loved Veggie Tales when I was younger and now with Veggie Tales in the City, Winter can enjoy the adventures of Larry the Cucumber and Bob the Tomato too!  Simple to follow with a moral message behind every episode, we all love Veggie Tales in this house.

Thanks for stopping by - look out for our top picks next month!  Stay warm and safe!

Karen x