Our Tiny Pregnancy Diary: Weeks 15-16

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Hello! Welcome back to my Tiny Pregnancy Diary for baby number 3!  These past two weeks have been busier than normal with half term outings and trips.  We spent some time with friends and I went on a blogging trip to London overnight which was so much fun (despite the lack of alcohol I was allowed!) The biggest difference I’ve noticed this week is my bump.  It is hardening up nicely and coming out more prominently.  There no doubting now that people can see that I’m pregnant!


·        Wagamamas… I actually CANNOT stop thinking about Wagamamas because we don’t HAVE a Wagamamas within a reasonable distance.  What I would give for some of those dumplings and a Katsu Curry!

·        Is chocolate a pregnancy craving or a general life craving?  I’m being kind to myself giving in to all things sweet at the moment.

·        Really cold water.  It has to be REALLY cold… it’s just about as close to heaven as things gets right now!


·        Ketchup.  The vinegar smell transports me back to a time when I was suffering with the worst nausea of this pregnancy and Jonah smeared Ketchup all over the buggy… I had to sell the buggy I couldn’t stand it so much!

·        I keep smelling this smell everywhere I go (maybe it’s me) but I’m convinced I can smell something meaty and unpleasant… at home, at work – it’s doing my head in!

Movement:  Kicking!  Last week’s flutters have become for specific sensations of kicking, especially when lying down at night.

To-do list:  Buying maternity clothes.  Now that this bump is fully here, I am starting to feel the strain on my normal jeans and work clothes but struggling to find some that I like…

Other Symptoms:

Vivid dreams - Like seriously vivid.  I wake up and it takes me quite a while to recover from some of these dreams that I have been having.  They mainly revolved around Jonah and Winter being hurt or dying and Chris being unfaithful or just not wanting to be married to me anymore.  I was sleeping the other evening and Chris came up to get the phone charger.  He asked me where it was and I kid you not, I thought I saw him pull a snake out of my handbag instead of the charger!

Tiredness – still so so tired.  In bed by 7.30 most nights and I’m happy to sleep through till morning!

See you in two weeks for bump update number 3!  Thanks so much for stopping by, would love you to comment to say you were here and follow us on Instagram http://www.instagram.com/ourtinydiaries

Karen x

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