Our Tiny Pregnancy Diary: Weeks 12-14

Our tiny Pregnancy Diary (2).png

After the excitement of going for our 12 week scan and announcing our pregnancy to the world, it was back to reality.  I loved sharing our news with everyone on social media, with friends and family and more importantly, my Mum was able to tell the world which she had been desperate to do for weeks!

12-14 week highlights:

You are now the size of a peach! At week 14, you have almost doubled in weight since last week and have started growing your lanugo fuzz.  Kidneys are functioning and you are even able to suck your thumb!


·        A whole lot of fruit:  Melon, peaches (after my photo shoot)

·        Hot chocolate

·        Refreshers ( yes please!)


·        Tea

·        The smell of my house (still!)

·        Scented candles

·        Any meat… being a Vegetarian is very appealing at the moment.


Kicking!  It’s started already! I’ve been feeling little flutters at night time when I’m lying down, which makes everything seem so real!

Other Symptoms:

I work full-time as a teacher and being on my feet all day, I’ve been feeling so much more run down than normal.  I was concerned this week about seeing little flashing lights in the corner of my field of vision so went to the doctor just to make sure that everything was ok.  She said it was common and nothing to be concerned about.  Flashing lights is always a warning sign of pre-eclampsia but not this early in pregnancy thankfully.  I was told that they were probably caused by an increase in estrogen and to keep an eye on it which has left me feeling *little* uneasy, but I’ll try and rest as much as I can. (Pah!)


I’m really struggling to sleep soundly at the moment and surprisingly, the boys are NOT to blame!  I’ve been feeling these really painful muscle cramps in my stomach that come on all of a sudden and wake me up in a shock.  My SPD has been rearing its ugly head again in small doses.  I’m hoping that it won’t be as bad as last time but I think that may be wishful thinking.  I’ve started feeling the electric shock type pain in my pubis area already which is far earlier that in the last two pregnancies (which I think was at least 25 weeks with Jonah and 18 with Winter).

To-do list: 

Looking into pregnancy classes, yoga and aqua natal classes.   I would love to be more active this pregnancy but with SPD I’m limited to things such as swimming.  I’m a bit gutted that my local swimming pool doesn’t seem to have any aqua natal classes so having to look further afield.  Any suggestions would be welcome!

See you in two weeks for our next update!  In the mean time I wold love you to share with us over on Instagram!

Karen x