BBHUGME and me - My Pregnancy Essentials Part 1


Over half way and starting to feel it!

I'm now 24 weeks pregnant with baby number 3 and the aches and pains at the end of the day are definitely more apparent than they were in pregnancies 1 and 2.  Someone did point out that the key difference is that I am running around after 2 other children whilst being pregnant instead of one or even NO CHILDREN (a distant memory!)  Another strain is that unlike when I was pregnant with Winter, I'm working full-time and so I can really feel my body at the end of the day pleading for some rest.  One thing that I have found to be an absolute life saver is my new BBHUGME pregnancy body pillow  which I got a few months back in anticipation of dreaded SPD and general uncomfortableness that I know comes along during the latter stages of pregnancy.

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What is a pregnancy pillow?

Lovingly named my 'big sausage,' making Chris giggle/ say something inappropriate every time I ask where it is, my BBHUGME pregnancy pillow is like a comfort blanket when I'm in bed or generally relaxing around the house.  It is shaped like a long sausage and full of tiny beads that mould into your body (all very scientific!) and has a removable super soft cover.  The pillow also comes with silicone 'Pebbles,' used to seal the BBHUGME and adjust the firmness.  As they say on their website, happy Mum = happy baby, and using the BBHUGME pillow gives me so much more of a restful night's sleep which is so important during these tiring weeks.


SPD or 'Pelvic Girdle Pain.'

I briefly mentioned SPD earlier which is also known as Pelvic Gridle Pain.  On the BBHUGME blog, there is a great article about this and tips on how to alleviate it, including using the pregnancy pillow at night. 1 in 5 women can experience some from of Pelvic Girdle Pain during pregnancy.

It is a problem with your pelvis, where your pelvic bones, held together by ligaments, join at the front of your pelvis. Symptoms are shooting pains or feeling like your pelvis is on fire.  The level of pain can vary from moderate to excruciating, sometime leaving women to use crutches for the remainder of their pregnancy.

I have suffered from this in all my pregnancies to different degrees.  With Jonah it started around 30 weeks and continued at a moderate level until he was born.  Things like standing on one leg to take trousers off was pretty unbearable but I could tolerate it most of the time.  I feel like it never fully went away after he was born.  With Winter I suffered in a more extreme way, with one night at about 26 weeks sitting down on the bed and not being able to get up with the pain.  I had to be carried downstairs by some VERY strong ambulance men and taken to hospital for a dose of strong pain relief.

So far with this little one, I have had similar symptoms to Jonah but I'm only 24 weeks so it has started earlier this time. The BBHUGME pillow supports me in all the right places (which I find to be knees and ankles).  


other uses for the pillow

In addition to this specific problem, I find I can used the pillow as a way to lie on my stomach comfortably by tying the ends together to create a circle with a hole to rest your bump in.  Using the same shape it can be used as a back support.  To see the many ways it can be used, watch this super helpful video.


my overall thoughts

I don't review things that I don't believe are genuinely worth either the money or live up to what they claim.  The BBHUGME is such a good product and other pregnancy pillows that I have tried don't even come close in effectiveness and quality.  It is priced at about £140 which is pricey I'll admit, but if I had to treat myself to something that would ease pregnancy and generally improve my quality of life, the BBHUGME Pregnancy Pillow would be it!  That's why it's my first pregnancy essential in this series.  Look our for more article over the next few weeks!

Karen x

I was gifted a BBHUGME Pregnancy Pillow in exchange for an honest review.  All opinions are my own.