The Little Tikes Range at Tesco #littletikes #AD

This is a paid advertorial with Tesco

More than slides and sandpits

Before I was approached to take part in this campaign, I thought Little Tikes were all about outdoor toys like slides and sandpits.  We have a Little Tikes slide set in the garden and the boys love it.  What I wasn't aware of was that they also have a great range of car seats, buggies and trikes at really affordable prices, available at Tesco.

The Little Tikes Highway Group 2/3 Car Seat

We were sent this lovely Little Tikes Highway Group 2/3 Car Seat for Jonah to try out this week as he transitions from his younger car seat to an older booster - style seat.  As he is now 4, we wanted him to get into a seat where he felt more grown up and use a proper seat belt and be a bit lower down in the car rather than in his very bulky seat that actually sat up quite high.

The Unboxing

When we unboxed the car seat, we were really impressed with how lightweight it was (compared to clunky iso-fix chairs that we needed for him and Winter previously.)  The material covering the chair is of a good quality and feels comfortable to sit in (not that I tried!) Jonah said that it looked like a chair in a racing car - a really good thing in his eyes!  He is also very taken by the cup holder that is removable and has insisted on using it at meal times this week!

installing it in the car

Once Jonah had trialled it sufficiently in the living room we headed out to the car to fit it where his old seat had been.  Daddy spent a little time hoovering the ‘little treasures,’ we found underneath his old seat before we slotted it in and I was so pleased with how easy it was!  As I said earlier, this Highway Car Seat isn’t an ISOFIX so there is no fiddling around with clipping it into place.  I like how low it is on the seat and it is narrower than others I have found which means we can fit another small person in the middle of our car.  Once Jonah is seated, it’s as easy as passing the seatbelt over Jonah and slotting it into the grooves in the chair designed to secure the belt.

One satisfied customer

Overall what I have found with this Little Tikes Highway Car Seat is that a good quality car seat doesn’t need to cost the earth. It is important to highlight also at this point that the same car seat is also available  as 1/2/3 stage for only £40 at the moment and can be found here. I’m completely satisfied with the durability and most importantly safety of this seat which reassures me a great deal as a parent.  Do you want to guess the cost?  Amazingly, from Tesco this is currently discounted to £28 from £40!  I genuinely don’t know if I could find a better price for such a good product… and look at this delighted face!

The Little Tikes Range at Tesco

To finish, I just wanted to point you in the direction of the Little Tikes range on the Tesco website.  There is a large variety of both travel essentials and toys and great value all in one location which is easy to access on their site.  I’m particularly interested in the 4-in-1 Trike for Winter to take out on walks with us when the weather warms up which is currently only £57.39 on their site.  Click here for more details.


I worked on this article in collaboration with Tesco to promote their Little Tikes range. All opinions are my own.