UniKitty Lego – Exclusively at Tesco

This is a paid advertorial with Tesco

The Unikitty Brand 

If you have a child of a certain age, you will be familiar with Uni Kitty. This lovable Kitty/Unicorn Hybrid is a sweet and sugary princess with a temper that doesn’t want to be crossed. Jonah loved seeing her and her friends in The Lego Movie, before getting into the show on Cartoon Network soon after. When we found out about the new range of Unikitty Lego exclusive to Tesco, Jonah ‘flipped out,’ as he would say as his two favourite things combined into a super toy.

The Unikitty Range 

Jonah was a lucky boy and was sent the Unikitty Fairground, Puppycorn’s Trike and the Unikitty Cloud Car to test drive. Also available in the range are the Unikitty Bucket, Unikitty Party and Unikitty Dr Fox’s Lab, which can all be found here

The range is very reasonably priced with the sets ranging between £13 and £40.00. The colours are bright and bold which makes for a fun collection of LEGO. 

Building the sets

LEGO is very much Daddy’s domain… he is a secret LEGO fanatic with boxes and boxes of LEGO stored lovingly in their boxes in the loft until the day that he can rebuild them all one by one. Before we have children, our loft was set out very much like the basement in The Lego Movie where the Dad has all the worlds set out. We have LEGO City, Movie world with collections such as Batman, Indiana Jones and Star Wars, Castle World… I could go on…. But I won’t. Let’s just say that when it comes to who is going to be building LEGO with Jonah, it’s a no brainer really.

The boys started with the Fairground set and it did take them about an hour to build but that’s all part of the fun, right? I’m always impressed with how well designed and though out these sets are; the attention to detail is impressive. The Fairground box included the following 

* a Roller Coaster track and train 

* two bumper cars with characters 

* an ice cream stand 

* a popcorn stand with chairs spinning around above it

No wonder it took so long to build! 

The other two sets were the smaller sets which both cost £13.00 each compared to the £40.00 value of the Fairground. There were essentially a character each with a car, a little mascot (Puppycorn comes with a t-rex on wheels which Jonah LOVED) and the Cloud Car set comes with a cute little piggy. Funnily enough, although Jonah loved the rollercoaster, he was more pleased with the little characters and accessories that came with the other items, taking care to set them all out in their own little places!

Our recommendation 

So would I recommend the new Unikitty LEGO (exclusive to Tesco)? For someone like Jonah who is already big into all things LEGO, absolutely. For anyone who loves Unikitty? Absolutely also! It’s so fun to put together and then works as a toy with spinning parts, a working Roller coaster and cars to whizz around, these LEGO sets keep little hands busy for hours. From building the pieces and following the instruction to then having a prolonged play with them, I was surprised at how long it held Jonah’s attention which for me getting the dinner ready was brilliant! The only downside we found was trying to keep Winter away. As a two year old there are far too many little parts for him to play with and all he wants to do is crash it all together and break it apart. If only there was Unikitty Duplo… 


We worked on this article in collaboration with Tesco to promote their exclusivity to this LEGO range. All opinions are our own.