Our Nursery Transformation with Valspar

This is a paid advertorial in collaboration with Mumsnet and Valspar Paint

Big changes are coming

And just like that I am 33 weeks pregnant - how on earth did that happen?   Where did the time go? AND more importantly, there are only a maximum of 7/8weeks left before the baby arrives and, going by how quickly these past 7 months have gone, that is NOT a lot!  We moved into our cottage in the country in October last year, planning on renovating it slowly.  Then we got hit by the 'surprise,' of baby number 3's arrival.  The spare room which we were planning on using as a storage room for now and leaving until the last project has now very much become our priority!  Over the last 3 weeks we have been planning and preparing an area for changing the baby and storing all those extras that come along with a newborn.

When we were approached by Valspar Paints via Mumsnet to decorate a nursery using one of their new nursery colours; Soothing Sage, there was no longer an excuse and we got to it!


Choosing a theme

We wanted to go for a theme that the baby could grow into as a room, not just baby-ish, but something that he could enjoy as a toddler and pre-schooler too.  We did a woodland theme for Jonah when he was born in our old house and loved the idea of another nature theme. Once I saw the Soothing Sage colour, I knew what I wanted to do.  When I was browsing Pinterest a few months back, I stumbled upon this mountain design and loved it! Once Chris agreed on taking up the challenge, we set off to B & Q to buy the Soothing Sage and explore options for a second colour to contrast.

The Valspar Experience at B & Q

When we went to B & Q I was just expecting to pick up the paint of the shelf (having not been familiar with Valspar previously) but was surprised to see quite a large area of the store dedicated to the paint.  Valspar is now owned by B & Q and offers a mixing service which allows you to select from 2000 pre selected colours or to create a colour unique to you.

We met a very helpful man who sought out the Soothing Sage sample card and then gave us some advice on what colour would go well with it.  All 2000 sample colour cards were laid out on display which gave us a real sense of all our options.  After A LOT of umm-ing and ah-ing we decided to go for Winter Dawn which is the lightest of greys with a blue tint.  We thought this would make the perfect sky colour but also brighten up the room.  We had to wait about 10 minutes for the paint to be mixed to our specification, but they did have sofas and magazines to make us comfortable

The redecoration

I'm lucky enough that Chris is pretty familiar with renovation stuff as he has been doing up houses for the past few years, so I let him get on with it whilst I was at work.  He snapped a couple of 'progress pictures' featured above... we didn't actually have any before shots because we have never used this room before!

To paint the entire nursery, we used:

3 x 2.5 litres of Soothing Sage

3 x 2.5 litres of Winter Dawn

1 x 5 litre of Brilliant White

And here it is.... tah-dah!


The 'big reveal'

I'm so pleased with how it all turned out.  I LOVE the Soothing Sage colour and it is only enhanced by the Winter Dawn.  Chris used tape to mark out the lines that would border the mountains and then painted them on with Valpar's Brilliant White.  He then got a bit arty and painted the snow caps and clouds freehand (very risky but he got away with it!).

We were so impressed from beginning to end with Valspar; from the huge range of colour choice we had, to the in-store service at B & Q to the final result on the wall.  I would highly recommend Soothing Sage for a nursery to begin with, then get carried away with the rest of your house!  The only sticking point for me would be that the paints themselves are quite pricey, at £28 for 2.5 Litres of  their V700Premium Blend Walls and Ceilings paint, but to be honest, the quality is so good, you get what you pay for!

We have worked in collaboration with Valspar Paint and Mumsnet to produce this review. All opinions are our own.