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Introducing Dinky Artist

Dinky Artist is a company that was created after the founder Rachel was inspired to created something more with her childrens' beautiful drawings that were curling on her fridge door.  Dinky Artist injects life into your little ones masterpieces by printing them onto every day items so they can be both be preserved for longer and also appreciated more frequently!

fathers' day

We worked with Dinky Artist in the lead up to Fathers' day to demonstrate what type of items could be created, however there are so many excuses/opportunities to create something like this. if you visit Dink Artist on Instagram here, I'm always impressed with the inspiration; whether it be the World Cup, to the perfect Thank You present for a teacher at the end of term.


the process

One of the best things I found about the 'Dinky Artist Experience,' was how easy it was to transfer the pictures from our end to product at Dinky Artist HQ.  There was no faffing, it was literally snapping a picture of the drawing and sending it over to Rachel via email to sort out at her end.  I got the boys to create these pictures specifically for Chris for Fathers' Day but you can easily also use pictures that have already been created that you may be particularly proud of!

the boys' handiwork

Jonah is 5 and just starting to get a feel for drawing... it's not something he's ever been really interested in until this year in Reception class.  I asked Jonah to draw something that Daddy would like or something about Daddy so in the first picture (top left) Jonah has drawn pretty much the best T-Rex I've ever seen and for his second picture (top right) Jonah has drawn himself beside Daddy, who is a Prince with a cape and a crown.  Winter is 2 and is pretty much delighted if I give him free reign with felt tip pens so just went a bit mad with scribbles over the word Daddy which I wrote for him.

choosing the right products

When choosing 3 products I wanted to show you the variety of items that would make perfect gifts for Dads, however there are some other fabulous items in Dinky Artist's online shop here from cushions to tea towels and nothing such as hoodies and sweatshirts.  We chose a t-shirt, a mug and the duffle bag to use our swim bag.

the big reveal!

Once Dinky Artist had our images, the process only took about 4 working days for the items to be shipped to us, which is great for someone like me who isn't exactly the most organised when it comes to things like Fathers' Day!  Needless to say, when Fathers' Day came around, Chris LOVED the items, especially the t-shirt on which Chris claims that the t-rex is trying to split up a fight between two spiders, which makes me giggle every time I see it now!

quality products

I was really impressed with the quality of both the printing and the products we were sent.  The mug is great, with the image printed in a way (don't ask me how!) that keeps it from fading.

The duffle bag with Winter's design on it has turned out so lovely.  I was concerned that it would just look like a big old mess but it looks great.  it's bright and colourful and yes, it is just a bunch of scribbles, but they are Winter's scribbles, which makes them so special as a gift for Daddy.


the joy of giving

Finally, something that I didn't expect from these gifts was just how proud Jonah was in presenting Chris with his mug and t-shirt that Jonah had helped contribute to the creation of.  When birthdays and Christmas comes around, Jonah (Winter doesn't really count as he doesn't know whats happening most of the time!) doesn't really pay much attention to giving gifts if they are from him... but why would he?  I buy things like Whiskey or a jumper for Chris 'from the boys,' and they don't care.  This time around however, you could see it on his face, the delight in giving Daddy something that he made.  He relished in the details of the drawings and telling Chris how he thought he was a prince, which was actually just as much a part of the gift giving as passing over the parcel.


We only endorse products we believe in and Dinky Artist I couldn't recommend highly enough.  The question is, what are you going to create for someone special?

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